Robotics Benelux Championship 2023 Finals in Technopolis


My son participated on VEX Robotics Benelux Championship 2023 Finals in Technopolis The mission to bring robotics competitions to every school in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. They help connect students, mentors, local and national businesses and schools with some proven and exciting technology-based competitions. Robotics Contests: Increases student interest and engagement in STEM Children learn lifelong skills in problem solving, leadership, communication that are critical to their future careers Promotes social development through group work, improves self-esteem and gives children a sense of belonging Promotes community involvement Inspires young people to pursue a STEM career And most importantly, it's great fun! All students are scientists and engineers by nature. They love asking questions, crafting, experimenting and playing. VEX competitions promote these skills and take advantage of the motivational effects of competitions and robotics. VEX competitions are also a great way to introduce students to valuable soft skills such as communication, collaboration and time management in a fun and authentic way. Tournaments are held throughout the year at the local, regional and national levels and culminate in the VEX Robotics World Championship every April! Please welcome One of the best performing robots In Technopolis on March 5. The one at a higher level. See short demonstration, that we could experience in Technopolis on March 5.