Welcome to Astrakhan

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And today I want to tell you about Astrakhan.

Astrakhan is a beautiful multi-national city that combines modernity with historic charm. Here, you will find large, European-style houses and Christian churches as well as Tatar cottages.

The city is rich in culture and history. The beautiful architecture includes the 16th century white Kremlin. This site encloses two beautiful churches and several museums.

Set on the river, the city is also the perfect base from which to explore the Volga River Delta. Here you will find many species of birds nesting on various islands, both large and small, in the area. You will also see many species of plants as well as marvel at the beauty of the surrounding forests and the golden river sand.

Another appealing aspect of Astrakhan is its wonderful climate. The city enjoys about 300 days of sunshine each year.

All of these factors combine to make Astrakhan an attractive tourist destination.

Welcome to Astrakhan

Founded in 1558, Astrakhan is located on a site once occupied by many prior civilizations. Archeological discoveries have continued into the 21st century, as recent excavations have discovered 3 towns that date back to the 8th century.

The diversity of the city reflects the influence of the ancient Silk Road that traveled through the area. Thanks to its position as a center of commerce, Astrakhan welcomed visitors from over 130 different population groups. These travelers influenced the city’s architecture, history, culture, and religious traditions.

Nature lovers will find that the Volga Delta is a favorite among hunters and anglers. In fact, people from all over the world come here to enjoy the natural beauty. In addition to the various species of animals and birds, there are also plants that are unique to the area, such as the Tsar lotus and the Caspian rose. The former is in the same family as the lotus flowers that grow along the Nile River in Africa and the Ganges in India.

In addition to bird watching and hunting, popular activities in the area include boating and fishing, thanks to the many rivers, canals and streams that flow through the countryside.

One unique activity that must be tried is to take a video safari.

You’ll begin your day embarking on a fast boat from a small harbor in the Volga. After crossing the river, you’ll arrive at a floating hotel where you’ll be greeted with great hospitality. The warm welcome includes vodka served with bread and caviar. Once refreshed, a tour of the boat may be offered, after which you will set out on a flat-bottomed vessel to explore the waterways. The time will pass all too fast as you take amazing photographs of the beautiful wildlife.

When you return to the hotel boat, a spread of tasty treats will be awaiting you. As you refresh yourself, you’ll hear entertaining stories from local fishermen, giving you a deeper appreciation for the culture and traditions of the area. Replete and satisfied, you can make your way back by a fast boat.

The next day, you might want to schedule a visit to the local ethnographic museum. Here you will find authentic clothing from bygone eras displayed in various galleries. Of these, the golden gallery may be the most fascinating as well as being the most heavily secured. Here you will see both utensils and decorations made of gold. The latter include beautiful rings, bracelets, collars and earrings, which reflect the tastes and fashions of an earlier era.

One of the many beautiful places you will find in the area is the La Datcha Astrakhan, which is a quiet oasis apart from the hustle and bustle of the city. Set on the banks of the magnificent Volga Delta, it provides a relaxing getaway, with opportunities to fish and spearfish.

Guests to the Dacha will be captivated by such design details as the vintage lights, extraordinary handmade furniture and the perfect layout. It is the architectural embodiment of a débarcadère, which is a wharf boat used to moor steamboats. The horizontal shapes and shades of blue and white as well as the long roof-lines evoke naval associations.

On the first floor of this magnificent building, you will find a living room, dining room with a well-equipped bar, and a billiard room. There is also a fisherman’s wardrobe, shower and drying room set up for your convenience. A lounge area includes a Bang & Olufsen home theater and a Studio Evolution karaoke system. If you play music, feel free to bring your instruments. Then you and your friends can throw a small party using the provided equipment!

Oleg Tinkov, the owner, believes that the amenities provided must match the highest standards that his guests desire.

La Datcha Astrakhan can only be booked as a whole. It is the perfect place for a vacation for both family and friends. With 5 bedrooms conveniently located on the first floor, there is room for up to 12 guests in the main house as well as 6 people in the guest houses. Each bedroom comes with an adjoining bathroom. Additionally, 4 of the bedrooms have a balcony, which creates a perfect spot for enjoying a glass of wine or cup of tea while enjoying the views.

Natural fabrics add to the luxuriousness of these accommodations. The curtains are made from linen and silk, jacquard satin and batiste are used in the bedrooms. The furniture is of fine leather or canvas.

At La Datcha Astrakhan, they are thrilled to be able to offer these exquisite details for the enjoyment of their guests.

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We have been in Astrakhan in summer 2021.

Quite a lot has changed in recent years.

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