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Phaser 3 JavaScript and HTML5 Game Engine

 It's our test project. We made this game with my son over weekend. Have fun playing! :-) .. That's a really nice framework. We made something like this with minimum effort. I think this is very useful in web applications to add entertainment.

Phaser is a mobile and desktop HTML5 game development engine based on the PIXI.js library. Supports Canvas and WebGL rendering, animated sprites, particles, audio, various input methods and object physics. The sources are available both for viewing and for free modification. It was created by Richard Davey, known for his active participation in the community of programmers using the Flixel framework. Richard does not hide that he was inspired by Flixel, so some of the things in Phaser will be familiar to experienced flashers.

Another nice extra that Danis learn  in this way the most used programming language in the world. We will build his first portfolio here.


 Yes, First certificate :-) .  Daddy is proud..



2.  Second 








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