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BigchainDB is like a database with blockchain characteristics

Imagine if you, not Facebook, controlled your own data. Or if you could rent out your apartment easily and securely, without paying a cent to Airbnb. If readers could buy digital books directly from authors and filmmakers could know how many times their movies were viewed. Musicians would be able to keep better track of when their songs were played, and get paid accordingly. Taxi drivers would transact directly with passengers without Uber knowing everyone's location.
Blockchain technologies "aim to do away with these intermediaries altogether, letting people forge their own trust to build social networks and business arrangements on their own terms."
The blockchain is also public, and can be viewed by anyone at any time. That means that the blockchain cannot be altered without people noticing. Think of it kind of like Wikipedia, but for financial transactions.
Bitcoin was invented to be free of centralized control -- in an attempt to create a currency that was independent of the banking system. Bitcoin allows people to accumulate assets without worrying that a central bank will devalue their currency, or that their money will be confiscated by authorities.
And yes, because Bitcoin can be sent without using your real name, it can be used for criminal activity. But blockchain transactions are pseudonymous, not anonymous. You can see every Bitcoin transaction, but not the individuals making them. Because all Bitcoin transactions are recorded on the blockchain, they are still more traceable than cash.
The creation of Bitcoin inspired innovations like Ethereum, a computing network that also uses blockchain technology. People can use Ethereum to create smart contracts that are executed by algorithms, rather than human beings. These contracts are recorded on the blockchain, making them both public and immutable. Complete strangers can automatically exchange digital currency once the terms of a contract are met, eliminating the need of a trusted intermediary.
Blockchain technology records and time-stamps every transaction, making them visible for the world to see. The ability to trace the flow of digital assets could be game-changing for artists. Right now, filmmakers don't know how many times their movies are watched online, perhaps because that data is held by a company like Netflix. This opacity would be much more difficult in a blockchain world.

Blockchain also enhances data privacy. This may seem like a contradiction: How can something be both private and transparent? As Don and Alex Tapscott explain in their book, "Blockchain Revolution," people decide how much information to attach to their identity.
Because this information is stored on the blockchain, which exists everywhere, there are no "honey pots" of personal data to hack into. No single company like Facebook has access to your private information, and they can't hand that information over to a third party without your permission. Nor could companies sell your data without you receiving a penny in return. "Because you own your data, you can monetize it," the Tapscotts explain. "You share in the wealth of big data."

This may all sound too good to be true. Skepticism is warranted, as the blockchain hype is certainly excessive. In one amusing case, Long Island Iced Tea's shares soared by over 200% after adding the word "blockchain" to their name.
But the froth over blockchain reveals a real frustration with the current internet, which was supposed to be a decentralizing force. You see this frustration in the backlash against Facebook, in musicians' grief over YouTube and Spotify eating away at their income, and in the scandals over companies like Uber employing user data to track journalists.
Blockchain will not solve the world's problems, but perhaps it can deliver on some of the goals that our current internet has failed to achieve. Internet companies were supposed to put more power into the hands of individuals, but it hasn't always worked out that way. People are ready to disrupt the disruptors.
With high throughput, low latency, powerful query functionality, decentralized control, immutable data storage and built-in asset support, BigchainDB is like a database with blockchain characteristics.
Project to prevent fraud in real estate in Africa.
CV database and ATS for nieuwejobs

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